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Rodeo Queen entrant Alex Burgaretta, who is fund raising for local animal welfare group Paws, Hoofs

If you enjoychallenges (such as the Border Ride) and would like to set yourself, eithersolo or along with friends, a new goal to add to your cycling resume, then thiscould be for you. On the last weekend in June, Rob Bounds is going to ride from Townsville to the Isa in forty- eight hours.  

Yep, you read it right, within 48 hours!

For those of you who reckon this is a bit ambitious, Rob did this same distance inreverse, from Isa to Townsville, last year in three days with time to spare. He did the ride to raise funds for Olympic silver medallist Jai Taurima’s littlegirl, Indie, who was suffering from Leukaemia.  His ride last year, by the way, was against aheadwind for most of the journey.

This ride this time is to raise funds forRodeo Queen entrant Alex Burgaretta, who in turn is fund raising for localanimal welfare group Paws, Hoofs and Claws, Inc.  Rob is hoping to encourage more riders toparticipate this time which will add some comradeship to the event. 

Steve Carson has put his hand up tohelp Rob organise the ride and is the first additional rider to ‘have a go’ tosee how far he can cycle in the two days. “Since my wife Susan is the president of the animal rescue group, I get to seefirst-hand the wonderful work being done by her group and I am prepared to helpin any way  that I can” said Carson. “Ihave a guy who is prepared to sponsor me with $500 if I can do ten kilometres forevery year of my age which is sixty three.  That’s $500 dollars for six hundred and thirtykilometres and this will be a personal challenge I’m determined to meet.”

He added that he would love to see afew people taking up the challenge in teams.   Steve ran an event the same as several years’ago.  He recalled that the quickest team completedthe trip in about twenty seven hours and the last team rolled in to Isa inaround thirty-six. “There were a number of memorable moments, but the sight of PaulWragg out of the saddle sprinting down the main street of Julia Creek at 2:30in the morning with a couple of wild dogs chasing him will stay with a few ofus for a while,” Steve said.   

Both Rob and Steve have stressed itis not a race with the emphasis being on fun and participation, while atthe same time raising funds for a very worthy cause. So if anyone is interestedin hearing a little more about the ride, get in touch with Steve and becomeinvolved in an event that you’re going to look back on for years to come withfond memories (hopefully) and a sense of great achievement.  

Steve’s contact details are, phone  47438117, facebook, or email                                                                                                                                                       

P.S. Thoughit has been emphasised that it’s not a race the latest rumour is three or four ‘Guns‘ may team up just to see what sort of time can be set.

To give you someidea of what’s required if you’re going solo:                                                                                                              

48 hours you get no break and would need to average18.5 k’s an hour.                                  

40 hours youget an 8 hour break and need to average22.5.                                                              

36 hoursyou get a 12 hour break  and your average 25.                                                          

30 hours gives you an 18 hourbreak but need to average 30.                                                        

And the magical time of TWENTY FOUR HOURS  you’d need to average 37.5.  

Thereare already a number of people looking to form a team so if you need teammateslet Steve know and don’t forget, you’ll be helping Rodeo Queen entrant AlexBurgaretta, Paws, Hoofs and Claws, and a lot of little creatures that will loveyou ‘FUREVER

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