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2018 Ride - Wrap up from Steve Carson

Well 2018 proved to be another successful Border Ride.

While numbers were down slightly I feel this in part is due to the number of events on the calendar.

On the positive side the number of cyclists seen on the roads are certainly increasing. People are already enquiring as to what date is this year’s ride and teams are already starting to form.

As for the ride committee it would be without doubt one of the smallest but one that does a giant job. None of the team has failed to deliver on what they have committed to do and for that I am extremely grateful.

I’m always reluctant to name anyone in particular because I inevitably forget someone but here goes. Russel Peters for the use of his block at the border. Peter Lehman for organising the refreshment bar, well done. A special thanks to Sue Wicks who could have ridden out of town, sent her best wishes every year but instead stayed on as treasurer.

To those I have missed I owe you a pint. In closing I guess all that’s left to say is well done to everyone and to each and every cyclist, supporter and sponsor without who this event would not happen:

From a lot of people who you may never meet,

But whose lives you have helped change forever.

Thank You.

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