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We are a local charity organisation in Mount Isa. Our aim is to raise money through our love of cycling for individuals, families and charity organisations in Mount Isa and the surrounding region. Some of the previous recipients of the charity have included people with disabilities, people with severe illness and people who are going through financial difficulties. We care deeply for our community and the people who live in it and our aim is to support our community however we can.

A second aim of our organisation is to encourage people to engage in the wonderful world of cycling. Cycling is Australia’s fastest growing sport and whether you are participating to improve your fitness, lose weight or as a social outlet cycling has many benefits and can be an enriching and rewarding experience. So pencil in 8th June 2024 and dust off that bike!

Please help us?

You can make a difference in the life of each and everyone the Ride is in support of. Each donation will help provide assistance to the people and charities that the Border Ride was founded for.

If you wish to support or donate please contact us.

Thank you!


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