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This is first and foremost a Charity ride although some riders will understandably want to achieve the best time they can.

Where and When


•    Ride: Saturday 8th June 2024
•     Arrival 5:30am
•     Ride briefing at 645am,
•     Ride starts at 7am.
•     The finish line will close at 5pm.

Location: The event starts at the Mount Isa Civic Centre and finishes at the Northern Territory border (just past Camooweal).

Distance: 202km

Day of the Ride

Prior to departure all riders must read and sign risk assessment which will be displayed alongside sign on sheet

All riders to be at the Mount Isa Civic Centre car park by 5:30 a.m. on Saturday 8th June for sign on.

Before the first riders leaving at 7.00 am, the Officer in Charge of the Traffic Branch of Mount Isa and the Ride Organizer shall address all riders and supporters on their expected conduct for the ride.

To avoid traffic congestion, support vehicles will be asked to leave five minutes prior to the start or five minutes after cyclists have left. This will ensure a safe passage for cyclists out onto the highway. Individual support vehicles should maintain an awareness of all cyclists and other vehicles traveling on the highway and facilitate safe overtaking etc. Rider support vehicles are asked to wait at their designated change over points for their rider. 

Official refreshment points are located at 50 km, 100km & 150km and all cyclists are advised to utilize these food & drink stops. Water, powerade, fruit and sultana buns will be available at these stops. Most importantly every cyclist should ensure they have access to plenty of food and water. Sunscreen will be provided at the start line and at all official rest stops.

Riders must have support vehicle and transport back from the ride.


This event provides cycling to suit all levels of fitness. From the professional elite and competitive club cyclist down to the social rider or those who haven’t been on a bike for years this ride caters to all. The minimum age requirement for this event is 15 years and we have had ages ranging from 15 to over 70 participate in previous years rides. On registration riders must select to enter the event as either an individual or as a team.

Individual riders are entering with the aim of completing the full 202km (however it is not a requirement to complete the entire distance – for example some choose to enter as individuals with the aim of completing 100km). It is highly desirable that individuals aiming to complete the whole distance have a moderate to high level of fitness and can ride on average at minimum speeds of 22.5-25km per hour on the flat for up to 9-10 hours as the ride ends at 5pm. All individual riders must nominate a support person on registration and this person must be present for the event on the day (one support person can be nominated for multiple individual entrants). The role of the support person is to track the rider’s progress during the event and to provide food, drinks, sunblock and mechanical support etc. when needed. It is the responsibility of the support person to vouch for the whereabouts of the rider on the completion of the ride and to ensure the riders safety during the course of the ride. It is the responsibility of each individual rider to sign in at the 100km, 150km and finish line. It is essential for each rider’s safety that they comply with this regulation and failure to do so will result in the rider being disqualified from the event.   

Team riders are entering as a group with the aim being that the cumulative effort of the team is to finish the whole 202km. There is no limit on numbers within a team and riders can participate as little or as much as their fitness or experience allows. On registration each team must nominate a Team Captain and it is the responsibility of the captain to vouch for the whereabouts of all the members of their team at the finish line and to ensure their safety during the ride. Individual fitness levels may vary within a team however it is expected that the team on average can maintain the 22.5-25km per hour over the 9-10 consecutive hours required to reach the finish line by 5pm. Team members and support people are expected to track the progress of each team member whilst they are riding and to provide food, drinks, sunblock and mechanical support etc. when needed.

Teams are encouraged to cross the finish line as a team. This can be done by parking team vehicles at the finish line (the Northern Territory border), and riding back one or two kilometers to join up with the current rider. There should be enough people on the line to hand cameras over for photos crossing the line.

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